Email and Telemarketing Services

Email and Tele Marketing Services


You may think Social media marketing is powerful, but statistically Email Marketing and Telemarketing services are still known to be very effective. There are 8 billion email users which is approximately 25% more than social media users.

If you think you don’t have enough qualified leads to fill that sales funnel of yours, then you need to get a professionally trained Email and Telemarketing Virtual Assistant at Vision Global.

Our Virtual Assistants have excellent interpersonal skills, fantastic marketing skills and exceptional linguistic proficiency. They have been trained to ensure the highest standard of professionalism in communication and to uphold the brand value and reputation of your organization.

Our team of virtual assistants providing email marketing services and telemarketing services are given various modules of training in marketing techniques and accredited before they start working for you

We not only quality leads for you but also increase your conversion rates by 45%.

We provide you with complete insights of the Virtual Assistants performance with periodic actionable reports and dashboards for your review.

Our telemarketing virtual assistant provide the following services to our clients -

  • Inbound & outbound telemarketing
  • B2B & B2C calls
Email Communication

Vision Global offers customized as well as bulk Email Marketing services using the following tools (depending upon client’s suggestion):

We integrate and implement swiftly with any telephony system required by clients. Some of the most common telephony systems we have used are

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