Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

E Commerce SEO is helps online retail websites thrive in reaching a wide range of customers and increasing sales. It is seen quite often, among online retailers, that more effort and time is spend on channelizing towards paid marketing than towards SEO. To be able to reach out to a wide range of customers, E Commerce SEO is a must.

SEO for an online store, unlike content focused websites is more than just adding keywords, writing blog posts, and earning back links. It needs one to learn how search engines function, understand guidelines from Google’s, analyzing buyer intent, and strategically implementing to increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) and traffic.

This is why you need the prolific experience of Vision Global’s SEO team. Vision Global has been providing high quality SEO services backed by its domain expertise, vast experience over 2 decades and the use of cutting edge technology! Our robust methodologies ensure you increase your ROI by atleast 50%

We strive to create an effective SEO strategy for your E Commerce Website. Listed below are the most critical actions we would get started with for your website

  • Analyze Keywords and User Intent
  • Detailed Study of Competitors
  • -Enhance the SEO for the homepage
  • Analyze the Website Architecture
  • WorkflowDefining a clear and result oriented work flow
  • Analyze the Website Design for Responsiveness
  • Optimize the Product page and the Images
  • Create Back Links

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