Accounting & Taxation Services

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Improper invoicing to customers might demean your reputation with clients or customers. It is quite important that invoices are 100% accurate. When there are a lot of invoices to be raised and you try to couple this with your core marketing tasks, this can go astray. Similarly would be the scenario with vendors when it comes to accounts payables.

Streamline your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes with accurate and on time Virtual Accounting Assistant Services from Vision Global.

Accouting Service Invoice

Our team of virtual accounting assistants all have graduated in Commerce and Accounting. They are tested in their domain knowledge and sieved through some really hard tests on accounting during the hiring process. They experts in handling all types of accounting tasks including -

  • Real-time accounting and finance
  • Generate Invoices and for Accounts receivables
  • Processing of payments for Accounts payables
  • Purchase order creation and issue
  • Management reporting
  • Budgeting, forecasting, KPI trending

Our Virtual accounting assistants are well trained and have hands on experience with the below accounting softwares

Our Taxation Services

We at Vision Global believe that tax preparation is not an exception. That’s the reason why we initiated a virtual tax preparation service that lets you utilize our tax expertise from the comfort of your home or office. Our team of tax professionals is here to overcome your tax woes. We work together with you to reach the best result we can.

The wide range of quality taxation services we offer are

  • Tax Preparation Icon Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning Icon Tax Planning
  • Tax Disclosure & Compliance Icon Tax Disclosure & Compliance
  • Audit Representation Icon Audit Representation
  • Transactional Tax Issues Icon Transactional Tax Issues

Our experienced tax experts have seen it all and know the best route for you and your business. We ensure everything is done perfectly by cross-checking your tax documents by our specialist before submission, which helps us make sure any possible deduction is found and applied, reducing amounts payable and maximizing income.

We understand the importance of data security and hence we have stringent policies to ensure every bit of information entrusted with Vision Global is always secure. ‘We have State-of-the-art’ IT infrastructure and Data Security policies and practices in place to prevent any financial mishap or fraud.

Accounting Service Data Security

Our tax experts are well trained and have hands on experience with the below Tax Preparation Software

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