Product Catalog Processing

Product Catalog Processing

Product Catalog Processing

Operating and ensuring success of an online store might not be as simple as it can look at the outset. Product data plays a fundamental role in providing a delightful customer experience. There are a lot of moving parts to it and one such critical and a slightly more complex task is your E Commerce product catalog processing and management.

Hence you need a partner who can ensure your high volume E Commerce data is rationalized, accurate and ready to use for seamless operation of your Online sales. Vision Global believes in blending human intelligence to technology which always yields the best results and hence we also use some customized as well as off the shelf tools for our Ecommerce Product Information Management, based on our client’s suggestions or our own evaluation of the efforts.

Some of the common challenges faced by online retailers are

  • Complexity of managing SKU due to a wide range of product types available
  • Managing your product sales across market places like Amazon, Walmart, EBay, etc may prove to be challenging
  • Your pricing might be different for different target audience and hence there is always a hassle in managing this pricing list
  • If your product data is shared by multiple suppliers, the chances are high that they are not uniform and all in the same format. All of this data need to be analyzed and fixed to bring uniformity
  • Poor product management results in failure of your automation process when product listings are synced to your ERP, PIM or POS system

Most Common Tools we use are

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