Product Taxonomy Development

Product Taxonomy Development

Product Taxonomy Development

Researches prove that 50% of the online retail sales fail as visitors are unhappy with the poor architecture of the website.

Taxonomy or Product categorization is the positioning and classification of products into the best fitting categories or sub categories. Well, if that sounds so simple, it really is not. This process is complicated by the huge quantity of products available on many ecommerce platforms. What makes it more complex is that there are too many products that could belong to multiple categories and determining the closest categories needs in depth knowledge on product and categorization.

You need an expert here to analyze the search patterns of your customers and create the most relevant categorization.

Below are the broadly classified Product Taxonomy Development Vision Global’s 100+ team od ‘taxonomists’ provide to its clients.

  • Product Categorization
  • Attribute Data Cleansing
  • Attribute Product Definition
  • Data Localization
  • Taxonomy/ Category Mapping

So why should you choose Vision Global? When there are so many data entry teams in the market, why should you choose Vision Global? What is it we do to give you the upper hand against your competition?

Visitors Excited

Get Visitors Excited

We do simple, most relevant and user friendly categorization / classification of E Commerce products.

Potential Customers

Learn & Analyze your User Persona

We do the mandatory analysis of your potential customers and study their search methodology


Know your Content

We study carefully to understand the language of the content and its structural form to ensure it is efficient.

Simple Categorization

Keep It Simple

We analyze the products and create simple categorization. When visitors do prefer more organized product categorization, anything more than 2 to 3 categories could make them lose interest.


Review and Manage

Our ‘taxonomists’ not only build E Commerce taxonomy but consistently review it as taxonomies constantly needs update to ensure the best user experience.

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