Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Business operations can be made seamless and customer experience can be elevated with the use of good CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) to manage the workflow. However it sometimes becomes overwhelming to work on updating the CRMs and tracking progress.

When you hire a CRM Virtual Assistant, you need an expert with in depth technical knowledge to be able to provide a unmatched customer experience. At Vision Global we have CRM Virtual Assistants who do that and lot more. Our team of Virtual Assistants also specializes in managing end to end functions of the CRM.

Some of the common responsibilities of Vision Global’s CRM Virtual Assistant are listed below

  • Simplify business tasks and processes to improve efficiency
  • Keep the marketing lists up to date and ready for use to blast campaigns
  • Prepare schedules and send out email marketing campaigns as planned
  • Tracking and updating of invoice and payments
  • Managing Data Change Management requests
  • Constantly update the databases and keep building new lists to ensure highest ROI
  • Set up automated reports and dashboards regular to be shared with clients for their actions and feedback

Some of the most common CRMs our expert Virtual Assistants are proficient on are

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